Sunday, November 21, 2004

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North Korea as we know is already a big nuclear threat because of the amount of weapons they currently possess. The United States knows they are a threat but I think that this issue needs to really be addressed because it is getting to be very severe. North Korea already stated that they in fact are planning to strengthen their “nuclear deterrent” because they feel as though the United States are planning an act on their state. Although we know America does not have such malicious intention, it seems as though the Korean government believes that instead of trying to peacefully resolve this problem the Americans they stooped to preparing a surprise attack upon their nation. It is already very clear that no matter which way the United States plans to deal with this growing problem, North Korea will just continue to strengthen their nuclear weapons and build them up as a huge threat to the United States. It seems as though there is only one resolution possible which sounds much easier than it actually is and that is if the Unites States aggress to guarantee a nonaggression pact, economic aid, and that they will no longer interfere with their communist form of life then and only then will North Korea agree to give up their nuclear weapons program. It looks as though a resolution for our country and North Korea may be far away but we just need to keep faith that in the end this problem will no longer exist.


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You are one of the reasons that: (1)most 18 year olds are a laughing stock when it comes to knowing anything about geopolitics; (2) the Georgia educational system ranks last in the nation; (3)you have no idea what the truth is about North Korea. You have a wonderful way of parrotting the Repuglycan Party line on just about everything---yes, I did read all your posts. Why not join the ranks of the toadies and become a real Bush-league asslicker. You might be good at that. Btw, I teach college in the Georgia (I am a professor of English in the public sector) so I am quite familiar with the quality, or lack thereof, of academic ability and intellectual grasp in Georgia high school grads. You just continue to reinforce the stereotype.

November 21, 2004 at 12:40 PM  

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